Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Camp week

This week the yer 4's from Joys, rosies and Brenda's class got go to kids rapublik and more ...

     In Tis photo we are building a dam we are all happy we got to all brak it when it was dun 
     It was a lot of fun.I fownd a brick to pot in the dam.It tock a long time to billed. This is on Munday.

    In this  photo it is water day it was cold but that did not stop as from having fun.kate was determined to get every one wet with her water belowns.This is on 


   In this photo kate and I have ben bolting a tawer it was rely toll it was higher then every ones.Kate and I was Prawd of what we made.It was a height Challenge.

  In this photo we are in kids Republic.

    I had a lot of fun I aspeshly liked the big red slid it was my fers to time growing down the red slid 
    Kate went down the slid with me the first time then I went down the sickened time all by myself I thank Kate for growing down with me.

    In this photo we are making s'mores 

    There where fireman helping as be sayf with fire we now that we can't get to Close to the fire
   so we won't get bernt. We had to pot are hands on the very bake of the stick. We had to wait utill it was bran  we had to whack out that we did not get little bits of wood.

     In this photo we where dosing art I did disgusts leg 
  Next time I might sit next to the ather people how are dowing district dress. 
   I liked angers fas.Every one did a speaktakuler job.

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